The Powerful of Dragon Tattoos

The Powerful of Dragon Tattoos

The Dragon is a powerful creature and many famous myths in all cultures. Both Eastern and Western folklore has a story that talks about the humongous Monster hovering over the town, breathing the fire for anyone who crosses the road.

Because of his image as a strong creatures, it is a favorite subject by many fans who want to get tattoo ink which stands for his raw power. If you want to have the same thing too, then the dragon tattoos are definitely what you need.

Dragons in Different Cultures

A civilization may be glorifying the most is the Chinese Dragon. Many of the artifacts and structures are filled with colorful depictions of a dragon, once mighty and triumphant from the various battles. As for China, there is a different Dragon, which correspond to different meanings.

The strongest or most powerful dragon known as the horned Dragon.
Contrary to the popular belief that all Dragons had wings, the only creatures that have so winged dragons.

Dragon sky, on the other hand, are creatures that keep the heavens and protects the gods.
Although hornless Dragon yellow, famous wisdom.
As the name suggests, Earth Dragon is the overseer of the Earth.
The sea is the home of the Dragon coiled.
Wind and rain are the Spiritual Dragon.
The treasure Dragon set gems and precious metals.

Dragon tattoos for men

Dragons, fierce creatures that it is, beloved by many people who want to have their bodies inked. It's because these powerful creatures often associated with male traits, such as strength, courage, wisdom, and raw power, to name a few.

With different types of dragons, there are many options for men who want to have a tattoo design is fierce.

Of course, if you want to show your strength, then make it a point to put the horned Dragon tattoos on the body of the mighty, such as the chest, arms or legs.

If you love the water (perhaps you swimmers), then you can show your strength in water by having a circular Dragon tattoos.

Dragon Tattoos For Women

Although the Dragon tattoos are considered to be masculine, many women choose to have this tattoo designs as well. They see the dragon as a symbol of protection, strength and bearer of life. These creatures are known for keeping their children and their property, and in line with this thinking, women are very protective of their loved ones.

While for women, a good choice is a yellow Dragon, a design that can illustrate the knowledge and wisdom. If you like shiny baubles and precious metals, you will certainly enjoy the beautiful treasure Dragon style.

When it comes to style, design, Dragon tattoos are one of the best choices for those who want to show their strength, power, strength and courage. With various designs and depictions, nothing could beat the mystics and the symbolism that is associated with a tattoo of a dragon.
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